Loyalty Rewards for current owners

Campaign Name
Loyalty Rewards For Current Onwers of Proton Cars
Model & Variant All Models and variants
Year Make 2016 & 2017
Offer RM 1,000 On Top of Current Campaign
Booking Date Regardless till 31st Aug 2017
Registration Date 1st Aug til 31st Aug 2017
a) This offer is opened to all Proton Car Owners
b) One old Proton registration card only entitle for one new car only.
c)The old Proton registration card can be either :
*Registered Owner
d) The entitlement for above must be supported with :
*Copy of old car Registration Card ( Proton Model Private use only)
*JPJ Search & Official Receipt
*Relevant documentations to proof relationship ( Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate etc
e) The loyalty reward program is on top of the current campaign EXCEPT Staff Purchase

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